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Every activity of the human body has an effect on every part of the body. The same effect also occurs when the sugar in your body is high and it is directly related to your food and drink. In today’s time, the food and drink of the people was no longer nutritious, they consume more food, due to which they suffer many kinds of harm. Most people think that due to high amount of sugar in the body, you will only have diabetes or heart disease, but this is not the case. Excess of sugar in the body affects many of your parts. You have to know the reason for this.

Know which organs are affected by high blood sugar? (Effects of high blood sugar)

Fall on the nervous system

Nervous System (Nervous System) High blood sugar greatly affects your heart as well as your brain. It damages your veins. It can increase the risk of peripheral neuropathy (peripheral neuropathy), causing pain and numbness in your legs, hands and feet. So try to keep your blood sugar under control.

Reduces eye light

High blood sugar affects your eyesight. This can weaken your eyesight and may even light the eyes at times. Sometimes people with high blood sugar, if they do not take care of them over time, gradually their eyesight starts to become weak. In fact, when the blood glucose levels are high for a long time, it weakens your eyes.

Reduces blood circulation

High blood sugar level affects the body in various ways. If we talk about blood circulation then high blood sugar causes obstruction. It can reduce the elasticity of our blood vessels, not only that it damages the blood vessels. In addition, it reduces blood circulation and inhibits the supply of oxygen-rich blood from the heart.

Impact on female fertility

Due to high blood sugar, it promotes women’s reproductive health, fertility and infertility. Therefore, you should keep your food and drink very good. It also promotes the risk of erectile dysfunction. Also it causes a lack of sperm. Also, in women, it gives rise to irregular period problems, leading to conception problems.

Skin damage

High blood sugar increases your skin problems. As such, it causes skin tanning, pimples, fungal infections and bacterial infections. Due to this people often have problems of foot ulcers. It also increases the risk of psoriasis. Apart from this, the patient of sugar also has many other problems.

Damage to the kidneys

High blood sugar causes a lot of damage to your kidneys. This slows down the process of filtering, which causes the toxins to accumulate in the body. In addition, it may increase the risk of kidney failure and other types of kidney diseases.

What should be the blood sugar level?

What should be the correct blood sugar level in the end? If you have a machine, you can do your own glucose level sitting at home. By the way, there are two ways to check blood sugar level, first you test it on an empty stomach in the morning, because after that you can not eat or drink anything for about 8 hours, in this medical language, the fasting sugar test Is known by the name. While the second test is done 2 hours after the meal. Fasting levels should be below 100 mg / dL and random glucose level levels should be below 140 mg / dL. If your blood sugar level remains the same then there is nothing to worry about. But more than this, it is known as high blood sugar.

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