[मध्य प्रदेश ई उपार्जन] Mp e-omission 2021 | Farmer registration, see the application online on mpeuparjan.nic.in portal

Madhya Pradesh e-procurement farmer registration, application Madhya Pradesh government is inviting MP E-Uparjan Farmer Registration Form 2021 online on mpeuparjan.nic.in portal. MP E Uparjan portal facilitates registration of farmers by selecting the district, farmer code or mobile number or Samagra ID. Now all the farmers who want to sell their agricultural produce of any season kharif or rabi to the government at minimum support price (MSP). Can apply online. For this purpose, they have to register MP e-Immigration Portal as farmers through online mode on the official website. Apart from this, android phone users can also download the euparjan kisan mobile app from google play store.

This year, the total number of procurement centers, runners and data entry operators has been increased by the MP government. Increase has been made for both wheat procurement system and paddy / coarse grain procurement system. Farmers should follow the COVID-19 protocol and COVID should ensure proper behavior when transporting their crops to procurement centers to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

MP E-Uparjan Portal 2021 – Madhya Pradesh E Procurement Portal

In Madhya Pradesh, the process of registration of farmers for Rabi / Kharif regeneration has been started. All those farmers who are willing to sell their crop on MSP to MP government can now register online on MP E-Uparjan portal. Such farmers will have to register online through Kisan code or mobile number or Samagra number. MP Government The farmers are requested to take their crops to the procurement centers only on the date specified in the SMS. In addition, farmers can now track the status of their application on the official MP e Uparjan website.

After receipt of food grains from farmers, they will be deposited in their bank account in seven office days for receipt of sale of grain and the amount of grain sold by them. Through the e-procurement software, the collection center is to release the grain and release the gunny and receive the gunny. The entire process of food grains to be done in the procurement center should be done only through e-procurement software.

MP E Upgrade Coverage Scheme

A plan was made to cover the whole of Madhya Pradesh through e-immersion application, so that the grain, wheat and paddy of every state of Madhya Pradesh were screened. As a part of the wheat procurement system, there are 2830 procurement centers, 708 runners and 2830 data entry operators, 12834 farmers sold their crops every day. As a part of the paddy / coarse grain procurement system, there are 795 procurement centers, 199 runners and 795 data entry operators, with 4250 farmers selling their crops every day.

Mp E-Uparjan process for procurement of crops at purchasing centers

Under the spell of e-immersion comes 6 steps by which operations such as buying, selling and transporting goods can be done so that a correct plan can be made. The complete details of the 6 steps of the MP e-immersion process are as follows: –

Step 1: Farmer Registration – Farmers will have to go to the procurement center. Once there, farmers will have to register.

Step 2: Get Farmer Code – On successful registration online, a slip will be provided to the farmers along with the registration code or farmer code.

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Step 3: SMS about the date of purchase of crop – Then advance SMS alert farmers will have to be informed about the date of purchase.

Step 4: Go to the purchase center on the specified date – To sell their crop, the farmers have to visit the procurement center (Crop Purchase Center) on the date mentioned in the SMS.

Step 5: Get Transaction Receipt – On reaching the Crop Purchase Center, the purchase transaction will be done and the farmers will be given a receipt.

Step 6: Issue Payment – Finally, the payment amount will be deposited directly into the bank accounts of the farmers.

Progress of MP e-Upgrades in last 5 years

Through e-procurement, a total of 118.57 lakh farmers have registered for the minimum support price free of cost in the last 5 years, out of which 2415.62 lakh M. from 64.35 lakh farmers. T. Grain was purchased, which means. 69111 crore was paid.

MP E Uparjan Kisan Registration – Kisan Registration, Application Search

The complete procedure to fill the online application form of farmers for MP uparjan rabi gehu 2021 is given below: –

Phase 1: First go to the official website http://mpeuparjan.nic.in/mpeuparjan/Home.aspx

step 2: On the homepage, click on “RB 2021“Shown here as link or click directly http://mpeuparjan.nic.in/WPMS2021/MainPage.aspx As shown here: –

MP Euparjan Nick in homepage
MP euparjan nick in homepage

step 3: On the newly opened page, click “Farmer Registration / Application Search” as shown below:-

MP e-acquisition farmer registration application search
MP e-acquisition farmer registration application search

step 4: direct link – 2021 / frm_Rabi_FarmerDetails.aspx

Step 5: Then the MP E-Immigration register with the Kisan Code page will be as shown below: –

MP E-Immigration Punjabi Farmer Code
MP E-Immigration Punjabi Farmer Code

Step 6: Here applicants can select the district, enter ‘Kisan Code’ or ‘Mobile Number’ or ‘Composite Number’ and then “Search farmersTab to check the details of registered farmers.

Step 7: Farmers can also click hereView ticket statusMP e according to the link given below. Link to track Aparna Kisan Ticket Status: –

MP E-Acquisition Kisan Ticket Status
MP E-Acquisition Kisan Ticket Status

Step 8: Here the applicant farmers can enter their mobile number so that the farmers can see the status and full details of the ticket.

Each farmer will also get an SMS on his registered mobile number indicating the date of purchase in the mandis. The farmers will then be able to sell their wheat crop for the Rabi season and receive proper payment.

Purchase wheat on MP E-Uparjan 2021 MSP

CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan has officially announced the purchase of rabi crops from farmers in the mandis. To assist farmers in procurement, the total number of wheat procurement centers has been increased. It is advised that farmers who are suffering from any disease or have a chronic need, should not come to the procurement center on their own. They should only come when it is their turn to sell wheat.

MP E Uparjan Mobile App Download

To download the MP E-Uparjan Mobile App, visit the same official website on mpeuparjan.nic.in. On the homepage, click on “E-procurement farmer mobile app“Contact. MP e-Aparjan Kisan Mobile App is shown below: –

Download mp3 e-immersion farmer app
Download mp3 e-immersion farmer app

Download this app, install it on your smartphone and then register farmers on your mobile phone to sell wheat by 2021.

MP E Uparjan 2021 Helpline Number for Wheat

For any complaint, question or difficulty in selling or registering wheat at the procurement centers, farmers can contact: –
Helpline Number: 181
official website: http://mpeuparjan.nic.in/mpeuparjan/Home.aspx

In 3 districts of Indore, Bhopal and Ujjain, the sale of wheat crops will be done keeping in view the increasing number at a later date. COVID-19 cases in these districts.

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