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PM Narendra Modi has launched a new Jaivik Kheti portal on jaivikkheti.in to promote organic farming across the country. This portal will promote the Rasian Mukt Bharat Abhiyan and ban the use of chemical fertilizers for the purpose of farming. The Jaivikkheti portal is a one-stop solution for organic farmers to sell their organic produce and promote organic farming and its benefits. The portal caters to various stakeholders such as local groups, individual farmers, buyers and input suppliers. After this, buyers and sellers can register online at jaivikkheti.in

The purpose of organic farming is to keep the soil in good condition through crop, animal and farm waste. Accordingly, this type of farming involves the use of organic matter containing microbes to provide nutrients to the soil. This portal is an excellent combination of traditional methods of innovation and farming. Here farmers can sell their agricultural produce at a reasonable price and traders can buy the crop directly from the farmers.

Jaivik Kheti portal online registration

Both buyer and seller can register online on the portal specified on the Jaivik Kheti portal. Let us now check the procedure for registration.

Buyer registration on Jaivik Kheti portal

Here is the whole process of registering buyers online:

  • First go to the official website https://www.jaivikkheti.in/
  • Then on the homepage, scroll to “BuyerClick on the “tab” and then “Buyer registration“Button at the top right of the page.
  • Click straight https://www.jaivikkheti.in/shop/buyer
  • Then “Jaivik Kheti Portal Buyer Registration Form” will appear as follows: –
Buyer Registration Jaivik Kheti Portal
Buyer Registration Jaivik Kheti Portal
  • Fill all the details correctly and then click “.Presented“Button to complete the process of registration of buyers. Later, the buyer login to the Jaivik Kheti portal using the link https://www.jaivikkheti.in/shop/buyer/login
  • Accordingly, Jaikik Kheti portal buyer login page will appear as shown below: –
Buyer Login Jaivik Kheti Portal
Buyer Login Jaivik Kheti Portal
  • Here candidates can enter email id / mobile number, password and then click “.taking admission“Button to login buyers.

Vendor registration on Jaivik Kheti portal

Here is the whole process of online registration of vendors for Jaivik Kheti Portal: –

Jaivik Kheti Portal Shop Registration
Jaivik Kheti Portal Shop Registration
  • Here farmers can register as individual farmers or local groups or aggregators / processors by clicking on their subsequent link.
  • “On Click”Register as an individual farmerThe link, Jaivik Kheti Portal Kisan Registration Form will appear as shown below: –
Jaivik Kheti Portal Farmer Registration Form
Jaivik Kheti Portal Farmer Registration Form
  • “On Click”Register as a local groupThe link, Jaivik Kheti portal vendor local group registration form will appear as shown below: –
Jaivik Kheti Portal Vendor Local Group Registration
Jaivik Kheti Portal Vendor Local Group Registration
  • Sellers can also register as aggregator / processor link to Jaivik Kheti Portal Registration as an aggregator.
  • After successful registration, candidates can login to the Jaivik Kheti portal vendor using the link – https://www.jaivikkheti.in/shop/login/sellerlogin

About Jaivik Kheti – Rasayan Mukt Bharat Portal

The Jaivikkheti portal is a unique initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), Department of Agriculture (DAC) with MSTC to promote organic farming globally. It is a one-stop solution for organic farmers to sell their organic produce and promote organic farming and its benefits.

The Jaivikkheti portal is an e-commerce as well as a knowledge platform. The Knowledge Repository section of the portal includes case studies, videos, and best farming methods, success stories and other content related to organic farming to facilitate and promote organic farming. . The e-commerce section of the portal provides a full bouquet of organic products ranging from cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables.

Buyers can now avail organic products at their doorstep through the portal at very low prices. Organic farmers worked day and night to produce these best organic products and made them available to consumers through farm gate as well as door step delivery at much lower prices than the market. The portal connects various councils such as regional councils, local groups, individual farmers, buyers, government agencies and input suppliers for the all round development and promotion of organic farming.

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Through this portal we provide various price discovery mechanisms to help farmers get the best prices for their products through forward auction, price-quantity bidding, book creation and reverse auction mechanism.

Facilities on the Jaivik Kheti portal

  • Buyer registration – A potential buyer can select products without login, however when they are ready to buy the product, they will have to register or login to the portal.
  • Vendor registration – An individual farmer can register himself in the portal. After registration, the farmer can upload his product in the e-market by filling the product details, delivery mode and payment information.
  • Local group registration – A farmer group can register a total group. The group leader should register in the portal using the group registration number. After registration, group leaders can upload the product on their own or on behalf of other farmers in the group.
  • Input supplier registration – Input Supplier Registration
  • Bidding – Apart from regular purchases from e-market, buyers can also buy products by bidding on products made available by sellers. We facilitate the bidding process in three ways: Book Building, Price-Quantity and Reverse Auction.
  • Buyer’s guide – Item information (eg category, price, delivery mode, state, district and certificate), availability, cost and whether we think the item will be of interest

Converting chemical farming to organic farming – 10 points

The farmers should follow the following 10 steps to convert their farming process to organic farming: –

  1. There is a need to end the use of pesticides, fertilizers and weedicides.
  2. Subsequently, farmers should stop using GMO products as well as chemically treated seeds.
  3. In addition, farmers should adopt multiple cropping systems or inter cropping or crop rotation or agri + horti + forestry systems or trap crops.
  4. Farmers should prepare their manure using organic fertilizers like cow dung etc. For this, farmers will have to do seed treatment like Bijamritam and waste decomposer. Apart from soil nutrition, farmers can give priority to Panchagavya, Jeevamritam, bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides and organic inputs. For plant growth, farmers can use amritpani, matkahead and waste decomposer. Finally, for plant protection, farmers can use neemastra, brahmastra and Dasparni extracts.
  5. In addition, natural resources such as manure, mulberry, green manure, house hold waste should be recycled.
  6. Adoption of animal husbandry (domestic cattle), fisheries, poultry, goats and birds without the use of antibiotics,
    Hormones and injections.
  7. Farmers should start using their own seeds and chemically untreated seeds.
  8. Har med per tree – Farmers should use a variety of nitrogen harvesting plants that will assure natural predators, compost sources, wind barriers and buffer zones.
  9. Accordingly, the government should focus on preventing crop waste and start preparing in-situ manure.
  10. Finally, farmers should get PGS-India certification absolutely free.

After adopting all the above steps, the farmer will turn into an organic farmer. The Green Revolution is essential for the stability of life and property.

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For any other question, please refer to the FAQ (FAQs) using the link given below: –
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