MSP 2021-22 for Kharif crops: Check rates of wheat/paddy and other crops by PM Modi government

MSP 2021-22 for Kharif Crops: central government. Under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi, a milestone decision has been taken to increase the minimum support price of Kharif crops for the farmers. Now, all the farmers will get the increased MSP amount of Wheat, Paddy, Arhar Dal, Moong Dal, Cotton and other crops for Kharif Season 2021-22. People can now check Kharif MSP 2021-22 of all major crops.

In the recent CCEA meeting, the MSP of paddy increased by Rs. 72 per quintal, jowar Rs. 118 per quintal and ragi at Rs. 82 per quintal. The MSP of Toor, Moong and Urad pulses increased from Rs. 300, Rs. 79 and Rs. 300 respectively. Groundnut MSP of Rs. 275 and soyabean MSP of Rs. 70 per quintal.

The MSP of medium cotton is Rs. 211 per quintal and the MSP of long cotton is Rs. 200 per quintal by Modi’s Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs.

Kharif Crop MSP 2021-22 for Wheat / Paddy / Pulses and other crops

The move to increase the MSP of wheat, paddy and other crops for Kharif 2021-22 season will increase investment and production through assured remunerative prices to farmers. Check out the complete list of crops along with their increased MSP in the table below:-

cutting MSP 2020-21 MSP 2021-22 to head
Paddy (General) 1868 1940 72
Paddy (Grade A)* 1888 1960 72
Tide (hybrid) 2620 2738 118
Jowar (Maldandi)* 264 2758 118
millet 2150 2250 100
ragi 3295 3377 82
maize 1850 1870 20
Tur (tur) 6000 6300 300
moong 7196 7275 79
urad 6000 6300 300
peanut 5275 5550 275
Sunflower seeds 5885 6015 130
soybeans (yellow) 3880 3950 70
Mole 6855 7307 452
nigerseed 6695 6930 235
Cotton (medium staple) 5515 5726 211
cotton (long staple)^ 5825 6025 200
Kharif Crop MSP 2021-22

The new MSP for Kharif crops is calculated after checking all the paid costs. This includes the cost of hired human labour, bull/machine labour, rent paid for lease in the land, seeds, fertilisers, fertilisers, irrigation charges, depreciation on equipment and agricultural buildings, working capital, on the use of physical inputs such as diesel. Expenses incurred are included. /’Important value of electricity, other expenses and family labor for operating the pump set.

Kharif MSP 2021-22. implementation of

The new enhanced MSP for Kharif 2021-22 season will be provided in the following manner:-

  • For cereals including nutritious cereals, the Food Corporation of India (FCI) and other designated state agencies will continue to provide price support to farmers.
  • NAFED, SFAC and other designated central agencies will continue to procure pulses and oilseeds.
  • CCI is going to act as the central nodal agency for conducting price support operations for cotton. NAFED will complement the efforts of CCI for procurement of cotton.
  • Any loss incurred by the nodal agencies in such operations shall be fully compensated by the Government.

The central government policy will provide income security to the farmers and the focus of the government has shifted from production-centric approach to income-centric approach.

Modi government. Plan to double farmers’ income by 2022

PM Kisan Yojana Modi cabinet has decided to give the next installment of Rs. 2000 each under PM Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-Kisan) to all farmers.

Central Government Schemes 2021Popular Schemes in the Centre:Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana 2021PM Awas Yojana Rural (PMAY-G)Prime Minister Awas Yojana

PM Asha Scheme Pradhan Mantri Annadata Income Protection Campaign (PM-ASHA) is being implemented by the government. This scheme will assist the farmers in providing remunerative returns to the farmers for their agricultural produce. PM Asha Scheme comprises of 3 sub-schemes, namely Price Support Scheme (PSS), Price Deficiency Payment Scheme (PDPS) and Private Procurement and Stockist Scheme (PPSS).

CCEA Notification 2021-22 for increase in MSP of Kharif crops

The new MSP for Kharif crops is applicable from summer crops for Kharif season. Now farmers will get profit margin more than the cost of production of all crops. Modi government. It is a pro-farmer initiative to improve the living standards of farmers and ensure PM Modi’s vision of “Doubling farmers’ income by 2022”.

For more details on MSP of Rabi and Kharif crops click on the link –

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