Rajasthan Vidya Sambal Yojana (Vidya Sambal Yojana) 2021 – How to apply for Guest Faculty Recruitment

How to apply for Guest Faculty Recruitment in Vidya Sambal Yojana: The Rajasthan government had announced Vidya Sambal Yojana (Vidya Sambal Yojana) in the state budget 2021-2022. The main objective of starting Vidya Sambal Yojana is to provide employment to guest teachers in schools, colleges and government. Educational institutions. Rajasthan Vidya Sambal Yojana Official Advertisement PDF will be released soon. The latest update is that CM Ashok Gehlot headed the state government. Has decided to implement the scheme and to recruit guest faculty expeditiously.

In the newly launched Vidya Sambal Yojana, all vacant posts of guest teachers and faculties will be counted before the start of each academic year. Based on these vacancies, new guest faculty will be appointed.

The basic objective is to reduce the number of vacancies of teachers and teachers in Rajasthan’s schools, colleges and universities, causing loss of students. With the recruitment of new guest teachers, Govt. Wants to raise the level of education in the state.

Rajasthan Vidya Sambal Yojana (Vidya Sambal Yojana) 2021 details

Many posts of teachers are lying vacant in various government schools and colleges in Rajasthan. There are 40,000 vacancies for teachers in the government. School, 20% of the total teacher posts are vacant. In addition, there are about 3,000 vacant faculty in the newly opened 80 colleges of the state. Therefore, Rajasthan Vidya Sambal Yojana (Vidya Sambal Yojana) will be launched to fill these posts by guest faculty recruitment.

Counting of vacant seats of guest faculty before the start of the academic year

As we all know that under Vidya Sambal Yojana, vacant posts of guest teachers in schools, colleges and government will be filled. educational institutions. In this scheme, the vacant seats of guest teachers will be counted before the start of the academic year. A committee headed by the institute head and district collector will directly fill these guest faculty posts on the basis of merit and other eligibility criteria.

Salary for guest faculty job in rajasthan

In schools, a grade A teacher can achieve a maximum. Rupee. 30,000, Grade C and equivalent teacher to Rs. 21000 honorarium. Similarly in colleges, aid lecturers will get Rs. 45,000 while lecturers will get up to Rs. 60,000 salary.

How to apply for vacancies under Vidya Sambal Yojana

For the jobs of these guest teachers under the Vidya Sambal Yojana, retired teachers and eligible unemployed youth can apply with an affidavit.

Rajasthan Guest Faculty Recruitment
Rajasthan Guest Faculty Recruitment

Salient features of Vidya Sambal Yojana in Rajasthan

  • Guest faculty will be recruited in schools, colleges and universities.
  • Guest teachers will be recruited under Vidya Sambal Yojana.
  • In schools, first grade teachers get Rs. 30000 as salary.
  • Third grade or equivalent teachers will get Rs. 21000 as salary.
  • Assistant Professor or Assistant Lecturer Rs. 45000, Professors or Lecturers will get Rs. 60,000 Rs.
  • Vidya Sambal Yojana is being opposed by unemployed youth of Rajasthan.
  • The recruitment of guest faculty is expected to close employment opportunities for the youth.

Fear of unemployment among youth

After the announcement of Vidya Sambal Yojana in Rajasthan, youth are getting worried about losing employment opportunities. Since recruitment will be on contract basis, there is a fear of unemployment among the youth. The unemployed youth of the state were waiting to fill the vacant teacher posts through competitive examinations. This is because the job opportunity will be permanent after passing the exam.

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But with the announcement of unemployment youth being given temporary jobs, the candidates are worried about their future prospects. Various student organizations as well as unemployment unions are opposing the move and want the Vidya Sambal Yojana to be discontinued.

Computer degree holders worried due to contractual employment

Computer degree holders are now worried about unemployment after the announcement of Vidya Sambal Yojana. The scheme will ensure temporary employment as guest faculty for the candidates but not permanent. In addition, their salary will be lower than that of permanent faculty in either schools or colleges or universities. In the last 2 years, there has not been a single recruitment of computer teachers.

The Rajasthan government had earlier announced to create a cadre in the budget 2019-20, which was expected to get a government job for the students, but now the Vidya Sambal Yojana is with the state government. Playing with the dreams of unemployed youth. According to youth associations, Govt. The guest faculty should not be recruited but must conduct the examination and then recruit 14,000 faculty on a permanent basis.

For more information, download the Rajasthan Budget 2021 PDF through the link – Click here

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